Ervin Shaun

Cybersecurity Drivers Licence Corse

The CSDL course is a well-structured program that provides a solid understanding of the fundamentals of cybersecurity. It’s an enlightening experience that profoundly enriches both personal and professional perspectives on digital security. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their understanding of cybersecurity and its significant role in our digital world.

Hemanth Gajula

Cybersecurity Drivers Licence Corse

The CSDL course provides an overview of the cybersecurity landscape from an Australian perspective, emphasizing the importance of understanding and responding to cyber threats. It covers key principles, recognizing cyber-attack features, implementing security controls, and utilizing these principles to detect and prevent attacks, thereby enhancing personal and professional safety

Negin Nowrozy

Heritage College Knox Students Testimony

The ESSENTIAL & course for students from Genius Armoury website was a very good cybersecurity course for me. The text was simple to read and understand. I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to all my friends and schoolmates.

Nikki Nowrozy

Heritage College Knox Victoria

I had a highly positive experience with the ESSENTIAL 8 course on the Genius Armoury Highschool website, finding it to be an excellent cybersecurity program. The course materials were straightforward and easy to comprehend, making it an enjoyable learning experience.