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GA Ambassador Ibrahim Hakeem

Ibrahim Hakeem - Genius Armoury

Ibrahim Hakeem is a trainee Cybersecurity contractor at Untapped Holdings. Following the completion of Genius Armoury and the Virtual Cybersecurity training with Untapped Holdings, Ibrahim managed to secure a trainee role with one of the top 5 companies in Australia with a goal of securing ongoing full-time employment at the completion of his traineeship.

Prior to his current role Ibrahim was a contractor in the legacy sector, primarily providing 3rd party maintenance as well as solutions for ArcaOS (OS/2) and Windows 9x. Ibrahim also has solid network maintenance experience servicing a handful of private schools.
Ibrahim is one of the Genius Armoury trainees employed by Untapped Holdings. He is proudly working as a Cybersecurity Analyst and transitioning smoothly into the Cybersecurity domain.




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