The Genius Armoury Project

The Genius Armoury project is the development of a platform to attract and identify a cybersecurity talent pool within an array of niche communities of people from diverse experiences and backgrounds. A consortium has been formed and is progressing the creation and promotion of the courseware for the platform.
The Genius Armoury consortium includes BHP, Splunk, DXC, La Trobe University, Curtin University and Untapped Talent. The project is being funded via a grant from AustCyber with matching funding from consortium members. There are opportunities for collaborations with other commercial and educational organisations.

The Genius Armoury course is an introductory cybersecurity syllabus that is accessible and understandable by regular people with minimal or no prior knowledge of cybersecurity. It is geared towards people who may be interested in further learning or commencing a career in cybersecurity and ethical hacking. The course will provide a foundation syllabus in an inspirational and understandable manner that is intended to spark interest and the pursuit of further learning.

This course is intended to provide insight into the life of a cybersecurity professional and provide an understanding of what the work encompasses. The syllabus covers the basic components of the related technologies, an overview of the current cyber-crime landscape, cyberattack methods commonly utilised, potential career pathways of ethical hackers and case studies of historical cyber-attacks.

The High Schools Edition of Genius Armoury provides a cut-down version (around three hours) of the full Genius Armoury course. It also provides related short courses, including a non-technical introduction to the Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD) “Essential 8” and a “Networking Fundamentals” course.

Genius Armoury

The place where Geni-i come to get Armed with the skills, tools and weapons to become Cybersecurity Guardians.

genius [ jeen-yuhs ]

noun, plural gen·ius·es for 2, 3, 8, gen·i·i  [jee-nee-ahy] for 6, 7, 9, 10.

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  6. the guardian spirit of a place, institution, etc.

armoury US armory

noun plural -mouries or -mories

  1. a secure place for the storage of weapons
  2. armour generally
    1. US a National Guard base
    2. US a building in which training in the use of arms and drill takes place; drill hall
    3. (plural) Canadian such a building used for training and as headquarters by a reserve unit of the armed forces
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  4. US a place where arms are made

WHY (do we do what we do)?

We love seeing the positive impact that learning new skills in cyber security can have on the career prospects of regular people and their families.